Paintings by

Karena A. Karras





The Bath, oil on board, 14"x12", 2003


Night Music, oil on board, 24" x18", 2001


The paintings by Karena A. Karras reflect a metamorphosis involving the intrinsic interplay between the collective unconscious and the tactile realm of the senses.

Through the utilization of the study of mythology, psychology, philosophy, and metaphysics, fantasy and the world of dreams, her work becomes a visual and tangible representation of an interplay between these worlds. The artwork acts as a doorway through which the collective unconscious can find it's way into the realm of our perceived reality and becomes integrated with the sensory and empirical aspects of the conscious mind's perceptions. 



Seventh Sister, acrylic on board, 32" x 27", 1992

Deluge, oil on board, 30" x24", 2003



This work, forceful yet lyrical, speaks a universal language based upon metaphysical ideologies and archetypes.

Metamorphosis and transition play a large part throughout the work, serving to formulate a process of revelation unique to each individual interpretation. Images intoxicate and provoke as seemingly personal narratives transmute into a compelling surreal world.

The work reveals what lies deep within us all and exists as Carl Jung termed, "the shadow side" of our nature. It rises to the surface, untouched by time or place, yet transforming and regenerating, or better, challenging our widely accepted ideas concerning reality.


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Flora, Fauna, Flora (Triptych), oil on board, 11.75" x 35", 2003



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